iPASS Engage
(Foundation & Pathway Courses)

iPASS Engage represents a collection of study options designed to engage students in study that prepares them for tertiary qualification programmes.

iPASS Engage provides foundation study and pathway study options for High Schools and Universities. iPASS Engage courses are designed to be delivered by your teaching staff at your school, university, or institute. iPASS will provide teacher training on how to use our online Learning Management System (LMS), how to deliver courses using our pedagogy, and course orientation, plus ongoing support.

iPASS Engage has study options suitable for High Schools and Universities.

Study and Pathway options:

  • Discover Hospitality
  • Degree Advantage
  • Business Bridge

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Discover Hospitality

This Foundation Programme is a great fit for high schools seeking elective study options. Discover Hospitality is a flexible collection of course that introduces students to the world of hospitality and industry career paths. Combining business-related subjects with practical skills this programme represents 600 notional learning hours that can be customised to suit your school.

Degree Advantage

This tertiary head start course allows high school students to prepare for a PIHMS Bachelor Degree Programme by starting some of the Year 1 Papers before they arrive at PIHMS in New Zealand.

Business Bridge

This tertiary level course is a perfect way to support students at a university or technical college that does not have their own Hospitality Degree Programme. Students can prepare for a PIHMS Bachelor Degree Programme by starting business papers in their home country before they arrive at PIHMS in New Zealand.

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Contact Us to Discuss Study Options

We are happy to receive requests and review your individual needs. We have an incredibly flexible delivery model that means we can usually find a way to support your student’s learning needs. Our specialty is Hospitality Management and the related business management subjects that go along with operating a complex business. Contact us below to find out how we can collaborate.