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iPASS delivers smart study options to schools and universities for learners all over the world.

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iPASS Learning Options

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iPASS English

iPASS English (General English Language Program) is a fully integrated learning solution for your school, university, or institute. iPASS English delivers a fresh, original curriculum, using a modern learning method, delivered through a clever digital learning system.

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iPASS Educate

iPASS Educate is series of powerful Teacher Training courses covering modern learning methods that will improve learning outcomes. iPASS Educate upskills and equips teachers with the tools and flexibility to adapt to the learning needs of their students.

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iPASS Engage

iPASS Engage is a collection of local study and pathway options giving High School and University Students advanced access to tertiary qualification study options. Students have the option to complete their Hospitality Management studies in New Zealand.

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The iPASS Difference

Classroom Lessons

Classroom lessons are planned to include a range of activities enabling learners to learn and apply knowledge, whilst developing hard and soft skills.

Digital Multimedia

iPASS lessons are a rich, multimedia experience providing engaging learning material to support superior learning outcomes.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS is accessed online making it simple to transition from the classroom to home-based study allowing continuous study anywhere, anytime.

Character climbing steps that read explore, learn, grow.

iPASS supports you to develop knowledge, skills, and people.

iPASS provides a superior way to learn using fully integrated components that have been carefully designed to work together to ease lesson planning and improve learning outcomes.

iPASS provides a fully integrated education solution that combines:

  • MATERIAL: World-Class Courses and fresh Content
  • METHOD: Powerful Pedagogy “Guided Discovery”
  • SYSTEM: Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • PLUS! - Teacher Training to get the best out of iPASS

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